Strayk 2.0

STRAYK is a software which replaces the wallpaper of your desktop on a daily basis, automatically, according to your theme preferences. The wallpapers will be downloaded from the server where thousands of high quality images are stored. There are a growing number of themes available, most of them free of charge.

Special themes

Some themes are linked to a contest, others are available only after payment of a small subscription fee (usally provided by external authors/photographers who publish their creations of special interest).

Updating the wallpaper

The wallpaper will update when starting the computer or, if the computer is continuously operative, shortly after midnight.

Sizing of the wallpaper

The images will be delivered according to the screen dimensions. However, images have fixed proportions and may not always fit the screen. Changing the display mode may improve the appearance.

Saving the images

All images can be saved after download in a custom folder, automatically or manually one by one.


Optionally, a screensaver can be activated which shows all the saved images in a slide show.


Registration is optional. Only before participating for the first time in a contest, you will have to register to get your user number (serial number).

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